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TechSalvageGuy's List of Recommended Free Full Version Games:

1.  Red Alert 1 Online:

Play the original classic.

Features - online multi-player.

Its time for an RTS (Real Time Strategy) PC classic. Personally I have enjoyed many late nights up living out this magnificent unique game. With its brilliant storyline and cutting-edge graphics of the mid 90's.. Red Alert had me glued to my seat for hours of brilliant combat scenario's both online and off.

So please go check out this original and did I mention its now FREE?

2. Rockstar Games Classics.
Thats right!, Rockstar games released some time ago, the original classics GTA (Grand Theft Auto), GTA 2 (Grand Theft Auto: 2), and Wild Metal all for free!..

Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto series 'carjacked' the video game scene in the 90's with a bang!.
I used to have to walk a few miles to the other end of town just to play these original titles on my uncles original Playstation, though I did own a demo copy of the original GTA 2 and also wasted countless hours trying to cause as much aimless relentless destruction in the GTA world as possible before the demo timer run out and I had to restart the demo to play again! Needless to say I hands down recommend this game to every modern day, retro-gamer.

Please click an image below to go to the download page.

Please click an image above to go to the download page.


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